How to do Coffee Hour

  • Select a date that you would like to prepare coffee hour for and sign up on bulletin board in the outer narthex of the church.
  • Decide if you are going to have it catered and pick it up and deliver it to the church hall on Sunday morning or you are preparing it yourself or with family and friends.
  • PLEASE be aware of the Fasting seasons. Father Alex asks that we abstain from meat, meat products, fish and dairy during the Orthodox Fasten Seasons: Great Lent, the Dormition Fast, the Nativity Fast and St Peter and St Paul’s Fast.  Basically, during these times we are VEGAN
  • Paper plates, Napkins, Hot and cold cups, plastic wear, serving utensils, Coffee, sugars and powdered milk are provided in the hall’s kitchen. 
  • Jesús arrives in the hall at about 9:30 or 9:45 to set out tables and chairs.  He will prepare the coffee and assist in warming things up and help you serve and clean up.
  • If you are interested in having Michael, the church’s hall caterer and event planner you can reach him at (954) 770-0035.
  • Please note the hall has the ability to refrigerate food that you will be serving on Sunday as long as it is labeled: SUNDAY COFFEE HOUR.  We have a lot of events in the hall and we do not want your food to be eaten the night before by mistake.
  • If you need to store food in the hall’s refrigerator, Father is always at the church a half hour before Vespers.  This is an ideal time to access the hall on Saturday before your coffee hour.
  • Please note that some people bring in their own table clothes for the serving tables but Jesús can find you some from the hall if you need.
  • Also, some people like to bring in half and half for the coffee instead of the powdered creamer.   Water will be served if you do not bring juice for the children and those who do not drink coffee.

Father Alex, St Philip’s Parish Council and the entire community thank you for participating in this important ministry of hospitality and fellowship.  God bless you and your family.