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Blessings on the First Day
This is a beautiful service traditionally performed by the priest either in the hospital or home on the day in which the child is born. It includes prayers for the recovery of the mother and the protection of the child. If you would like Father Alex to visit for Blessings on the First Day, speak to the church office approximately three weeks before your estimated due date, then call again on the day of the birth.

Blessing and Naming on the Eighth Day
The eighth day after birth is the occasion for the solemn naming of a child, just as our Lord received His name “Jesus” on the eighth day (cf. Luke 2:21). The “prayers on the eighth day” are traditionally performed by the priest in the home. On this day, special prayers are offered for the naming of the child. Father Alex would like to pray these prayers of blessings for your child. Please make arrangements when Father Alex visits for the First Day Blessing or by calling the church office as soon as possible after the birth.

The Churching
Forty days (or so) after the birth and in accordance with the Old Testament tradition observed by the Virgin Mary (Luke 2:22-24), the parents bring their child for the first entrance into the Church. Please schedule your 40 Day blessing and Churching with Father Alex. At the time of the Churching, please meet Father in the narthex (the entrance to the main body of the Church) where the appropriate prayers are offered over the mother and infant. The child is then carried by the priest into the nave and into the altar. After blessing the child in the Church, the child is returned back to the parents where they then take their place in the congregation.