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Preliminary Class – Tuesday, May 2, 2023 – Introduction

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Class #1 – Tuesday, May 9, 2023 – The Creation
Class #2 – Tuesday, May 16, 2023 – The Savior
Class #3 – Tuesday, May 23, 2023 – The Holy Spirit

2022 Class audio below:

Class 1 covering the first Catechism (pages 43-51) (9/19)

A question that came up during class regarding St Cyprian of Carthage’s (3rd Century) statement regarding salvation. In Latin: “Salus extra Ecclesiam non est” which means: “outside the Church there is no salvation.” Fr Thomas Hopko once said the following:

But as the saying once said, “The true Church has sinners in it, and the false churches and the churches that are not completely and totally accurate and clear and true, they also have sinners in them. They also have saints, holy people, who, by the grace of God and by faith and grace and the Holy Spirit, live very holy lives. Here we would say it’s certainly a dogma of the Orthodox Church, that outside of the Orthodox Church the grace of God does act. The Holy Spirit blows where he wills, and there are righteous, holy people who are in other Christian churches, in no Christian churches. It’s all a great mystery here.

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How Should Orthodox Relate to Other Christians?

Class 2 (9/26) – The Christian God
Class 3 (10/3) – Man and his Fall

Links following our last class:

On the Nous:


The Orthodox Understanding of the Nous –

The Gospel in Chairs – Another version

Gospel in Chairs with Brad Jerak –

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Class 4 (10/17) – The Church and her Work
Class 5 (10/24) – The Clergy and the Saints

Apostolic Succession – List of the Patriarchs of Antioch –

Image of Discos/Paten with the Bread and meaning

Diagram of the Discos/Paten with the cut bread
The Seal on the loaf before baking
Baked Loaf of Prosfora
A Sunday at St Philip Church
Class 6 (10/31) – Aspects of Repentance, Nominal Christianity, Attributes of the Growing Christian, Intro to Creed
Class 7 (11/14) – The Creed, especially the first portion
Class 9 (11/21) – The Creed, the second portion “And in one Lord Jesus Christ”
Class 10 (11/28) – The Creed, moving into the Divinity of the Holy Spirit
Class 11 (12/5) – The end of the Creed