We have begun our Food Pantry Donation Program.  There is a Bin to drop in food at the entrance of the Church.  They will be brought to the Hope Outreach Center’s Emergency Food Pantry in Davie.

And we are looking for volunteers to drop off the food each month. You can take one month or more. There is a sign up sheet above the bin.

Each month we request a different food item:

  • January – large canned Tuna
  • Feb – Peanut butter and Jelly
  • March – canned fruit
  • April – canned Beans
  • May – Beef Stew
  • June –  Hearty Canned Soups
  • July- Liquid Shelf milk (Parmalat, Borden, etc.)
  • August -Toothpaste and soap
  • September – Tomato Sauce
  • October – Laundry Detergent
  • November  – Canned Vegetable
  • December – Canned Canned Hams, Corned Beef Hash, Spam. Canned Chicken/Turkey/