Reading and Book Club

Starting November 17 and running through January 14, Fr Alex will be reading The Holy Angels by Mother Alexandra. We will read through the Google Meet format. Our Virtual gatherings will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm. The link to join us is:

After we finish the book we will have a discussion. The link to our Google Meet Book Club discussion is, the same as our Reading Club link.

First published in 1981 and long out of print, The Holy Angels has yet to be surpassed as a comprehensive and comprehensible account of the nature of the angels and their role in our salvation. In layperson’s terms, Mother Alexandra presents the essence of everything the Church has to teach us about the angels, beginning with the Old Testament, continuing through the New Testament, and concluding with the Tradition of the Church as expressed in her theology, hymnography, and iconography. For those who long to become better acquainted with these holy servants of God and to understand their role in our lives, this book is a great place to start.

You get can the book on Ancient Faith or Amazon and there is a Kindle version, too.

Readings from our current book, The Holy Angels by Mother Alexandra

Book 1, Section 1, Chapter 1 through Book 1, Section 2, Chapter 5
Book 1, Section 3, Chapter 1 through Book 1, Section 4, Chapter 3
Book 1, Section 4, Chapter 4 through Book 1, Section 5, Chapter 5
Book 1, Section 5, Chapter 6 through Book 2, Section 1
Book 2, Section 2, Chapter 1 through Book 2, Section 4, Chapter 2

Readings from our last book, Pearl of Great Price by Sergei Hackel

Opening through page 19 including chapters 1 and 2 (Deprivation and The Straightening of the Way)
Pages 20-36 including Chapter 3 and a portion of Chapter 4 (Monasticism and The House at Rue de Lourmel)
Pages 36-49 concluding Chapter 4 (The House at Rue de Lourmel)
Pages 50-68, Chapter 5 (Orthodox Action)
Pages 69-84, Chapter 6 and a portion of Chapter 7 (The Second Commandment and Forebodings)
Pages 84-97, concluding Chapter 7 (Forebodings)
Pages 98-113, beginning Chapter 8 (War)
Pages 113-130, concluding Chapter 8 and a portion of Chapter 9 (War and Martyrdom)
Pages 130-149, concluding Chapter 9 (Martyrdom)

Below you will find recordings from our earlier book, Wounded by Love, by St Porphyrios

1-25 (The Path to the Holy Mountain, The Holy Mountain – Kavsokalyvia)
25-48 (Evia)
46-69 (The Polyclinic Hospital in Athens)
70-95 (Saint Nicholas at Kallisia, The Holy Monastery at the Transfiguration at Milesi, Kavsokalyvia, On the Church)
96-112 (On Divine Eros)
113-133 (On Prayer)
134-157 (On Spiritual Struggle)
158-179 (On the Monastic Life, On the Mystery of Repentance)
180-194 (On Love for One’s Neighbour, On Divine Providence)
195-217 (On the Upbringing of Children, On Dispositions of the heart)
218-247 (On Creation, On Illness, On the Gift of Clear Sight)

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