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Starting September 29 and running through October 27, Fr Alex will be reading Pearl of Great Price: The Life of Mother Maria Skobtsova, 1891-1945 by Sergei Hackel. We will read through the Google Meet format. Our Virtual gatherings will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm. The link to join us is:

After we finish the book we will have a discussion in our Book Club on October 29.

Pearl of Great Price is the moving story of Mother Maria Skobtsova, a nun of the Orthodox Church, who was born into a Russian aristocratic home but who died a martyr’s death in one of Hitler’s concentration camps. In the intervening years, the vicissitudes of life led her through two marriages, childbirth and childrearing, and exile from her homeland-until she became an unconventional nun, devoted to the service of the destitute and the despairing in Nazi-occupied France during WWII. Mother Maria was eventually consigned to Ravensbrück concentration camp because of her support of the Jews in Paris. There she continued to help those around her up until-and even by means of-her own death. Now canonized by the Orthodox Church as St Maria, she demonstrates how to love the image of God in each person, even when surrounded by hatred, undiluted evil, and brutality.  

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We will read about an hour each evening and then when we finish, we will have a discussion together.  Our meeting link is:

Below you will find recordings of our last reading, “Wounded by Love,” by St Porphyrios

1-25 (The Path to the Holy Mountain, The Holy Mountain – Kavsokalyvia)
25-48 (Evia)
46-69 (The Polyclinic Hospital in Athens)
70-95 (Saint Nicholas at Kallisia, The Holy Monastery at the Transfiguration at Milesi, Kavsokalyvia, On the Church)
96-112 (On Divine Eros)
113-133 (On Prayer)
134-157 (On Spiritual Struggle)
158-179 (On the Monastic Life, On the Mystery of Repentance)
180-194 (On Love for One’s Neighbour, On Divine Providence)
195-217 (On the Upbringing of Children, On Dispositions of the heart)
218-247 (On Creation, On Illness, On the Gift of Clear Sight)

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